What is your 70:30? 

 November 10, 2019

70-30 princple

Are there parts of your work you love? Parts you dread or could do without? Indeed, it’s true for us all.

There are responsibilities in each of our lives that are must-do, not want-to.  When we spend most of our time engaging in activities that use our strengths and interests, we are much more likely to have bandwidth for those things we wish were not our responsibility, but are. This is the 70:30 Principle.

70-30 princple

We all have natural strengths. When we use them, we feel energized. We may even be more productive. It is the best use of our time and talent. If we can spend roughly 70% of our time operating out of our strengths, we will better able to perform those tasks and activities we find draining, yet are necessary. What is your current ratio?

There will be times when 70:30 is not possible. In our experience, 40:60 or worse is not sustainable for more than a year. It impacts leader health, team health, and the health of the leader’s personal life and relationships. If your 70:30 is chronically off-balance, it would be wise to seriously consider sustainability.   

Mindset: I will seek to spend 70% of my time operating out of my natural strengths and talents. Then, I will have the energy needed to do those necessary tasks that drain me.

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