Do you know someone who …

  • is able to see opportunities and threats long before others?
  • has high, perfectionistic standards, and a strong social conscious?

They may have a Creative Voice -- one of the less common Voices -- representing only 9% of people.

Key characteristics of the Creative Voice:

  • loves to think outside the box
  • can intuitively "see" what's possible, far into the future
  • others can find it hard to understand and appreciate their innovative ideas
  • focus on "what's possible" makes it hard to celebrate progress made

Remember how I said Voice order really matters? Now you will see what I mean!

The Creative is a unique Voice with two distinct variations…

Common stress triggers for Creative-Connector:

  • Values ignored
  • People they feel responsible for are being treated badly
  • A broken promise

 Common stress triggers for Creative-Pioneer:

  • Incompetence
  • Inefficiency
  • People dismissing their ideas
  • Exaggeration of the truth

 Want to empower the Creatives in your life?

  • Don't judge them on what they say first -- help them clarify their ideas
  • Let them know it's okay to be wrong sometimes

Consider this:

  • How much do you relate to the Creative Voice?
  • Rate it high/medium/low and keep track of your responses to each Voice. This will help you determine your Voice Order -- the relative strength with which you use each Voice.

Need a refresher?

Want to discover your Voice?

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