Arise and shine.

Become a leader worth following.

Equipping the Called: A year-long leader development program to help you fulfill God's call on your life.





Do you know what it's like to be on the other side of you?

How healthy are you as a leader?

Do you know how to help others grow?

Being called does not mean you feel equipped -- or even are equipped ... yet.

We're here to help you become a Leader Worth Following -- a leader who is secure, confident, humble and  equipped to lead.

Equipping the Called is a year-long, weekly learning process, which teaches practical tools to help you achieve higher levels of performance, self-awareness, and solutions for the real-world issues you face – so you can have more Kingdom impact.

Become.  Build.  Lead.


Systematic, proven process for developing leader health & performance


Real-world, immediate application of what you are learning


Learn with and from other leaders who are in this process with and for you

This intentional process is designed to help you be the best leader you can be -- in all areas of life.

What's included:


Weekly: Altitude Training video -- learn practical leadership and relational tools.

Using the metaphor of the Sherpa, Altitude Training focuses on getting you -- the leader -- healthy, so you can help others reach their true potential.


Weekly: 100 Exercise -- apply the content to your own life and leadership. Get healthy and grow by applying what you're learning.


Weekly: X Challenge -- teach what you're learning to someone else, help them grow, and multiply the impact of this process.


Weekly: Breakthrough Devotional -- reflect on the relationship between discipleship and leadership.


Bi-weekly: One-hour coaching group -- deepen understanding and application, while receiving accountability and support.


As-needed support from your Coach. 


Want to grow even more? Add monthly individual coaching to multiply your growth.

Sample Content


  • Discover your Leadership Voice
  • 5 Voices: Stress Responses and Triggers
  • Calibrating Support and Challenge
  • Accidental vs. Intentional Leadership
  • 5 Gears: Work-Life Harmony


  • Communication Code
  • Maximizing Influence
  • Responsive vs. Reactive
  • Developing Others
  • Expectations Scale


  • Go to the Source
  • Discretion and Discipline
  • Provisional Plan Promise
  • Effective Delegation
  • Push / Pull Leadership

Foundational Program

  • Online learning platform
  • Weekly teaching videos, exercises, and challenges
  • Biweekly group coaching
  • Breakthrough Devotional
  • As needed Coach support


  • Foundational Program plus
  • Monthly individual coaching


  • Plus Program and
  • Leadership Circle Profile
    • 360 degree assessment of the competencies that predict leader effectiveness and organizational performance

* Not-for-profit discount available.

Are you ready to become a Leader Worth Following?

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