Yes, you can!

THRIVE as a family and

a family business.

Solution-focused Family Business Consulting: 

Resolve conflict.

Improve relationships.

Communicate effectively.

Get things done!

Work better together

Develop NextGen leaders

Succeed at Succession

When you work in a family business, business is personal.

Combining family and business is not easy. Priorities clash and compete.


Differences are normal and

conflict is natural, but

differences don't have to be divisive.

Learn how to balance family, business, and individual needs.

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, Family Business Consultant and Author of In the Company of Family: How to Thrive When Business Is Personal

A former CPA, my career started at a Big 5 accounting firm. As part of the Family Wealth Planning group, I saw the challenges of family business and family wealth. The cons often overshadowed the enjoyment of working with family. I was convinced there had to be a better way, but could not find anyone who could help navigate the intersection of family, business, and wealth. Determined, I left my career in finance and earned a Master's in Psychology.

In the almost two decades since, I have learned how families and their businesses can thrive -- even when business is personal. Let me help you, your family, and its business thrive.

Family Business Services

NextGen Leader
  • Become a leader others want to follow
  • Develop competence and confidence
  • Build Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn to lead a diverse team
Team Performance
& Family Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries 
  • Alignment
  • Joint Decision Making (Governance)
Succession Planning
& Transition
  • Establish Family Business Participation Guidelines
  • Create successor selection criteria
  • Prepare Senior Generation, NextGen, Employees, and Clients
executive coaching


group consultations


organizational learning

Entire Organization


virtual meetings


digital learning

Digital, Learning Management System

In the Company of Family: How to Thrive When Business Is Personal

Through real-life case studies, In the Company of Family reveals the Principles of Boundaries, which help families in business enhance family relationships, individual well-being, and business vitality -- three priorities not easy to balance.

Family Business book

Let's talk about what matters to you.

I am based in Charleston, SC and serve clients across North American and abroad.

To schedule a consultation and see if we are a good fit to work together, please contact me directly via phone or email.