Do Business and Family Well

If you work with family, you know it’s true:

Business IS Personal

Nevertheless, there is a way to thrive as a family and a business.

We help family businesses with decisions, transitions,
conflict, and growth.

Transforming Communication and Relationships: A series of interactive workshops to help you communicate more clearly, increase trust, and boost business performance.

  • Because you are family members, co-workers, and possibly co-owners, boundaries are especially tricky in family business. In her book, In the Company of Family: How to Thrive When Business IS Personal, Melissa teaches the principles of boundaries that help families and family businesses thrive.
  • Learn what boundaries are and are not.
  • Discover how to create healthy boundaries — to enhance relationships, reduce conflict, and enhance business performance.
  • Conflict and drama are normal. They don’t have to be your norm.
  • Learn practical tools to navigate differences and resolve conflict effectively.
  • Learn how to value and benefit from the different perspectives, strengths, and skills each person brings to the table.
  • A little formality can go a long way toward helping reduce conflict and increase the predictability of family business policies.
  • Examples include: Family Business Participation Guidelines, Successor Selection and Development Processes
  • Don’t leave the success of succession to chance.
  • Create an intentional process — that spans 1-5 years — and prepares both the Next Generation successor(s) and the Senior Generation predecessor(s) to incrementally move through this significant transition.
  • Becoming a leader others want to follow takes time.
  • Invest in the Next Generation with practical tools, experiences, and opportunities to grow their leadership competencies.

Additional Services

Leader 360

Assess your present level of performance in 5 Core Components of leadership, and quantify your progress over time.

Leader Intensive

– Half-day or full-day deep dive into your leadership behaviors, motivations, and tendencies.
– Enhance your self-awareness of natural strengths and tendencies.
– Create a plan for successor development and transition.
– Get equipped with practical tools for professional growth.

Executive Coaching

Solution-focused sessions to target real-time challenges and help you grow your effectiveness as a leader.

Team 360 Assessment

Assess how you and your team rank your overall team health, as well as measure improvement in these areas over time.

Transforming Communication and Relationships

A series of interactive workshops to help your team communicate more clearly, increase trust and boost performance.

Team Retreat

Get away from the distractions and focus on building your team’s effectiveness at working well together. This time can be used to enhance Team Dynamics, such as communication, relationships, and conflict resolution.

Discovery Blueprint

Gain clarity on the current reality of your organizational culture by reviewing your calendar year and needs of your sub-cultures.


Accelerate the growth of your organization by impacting the performance of your teams in all 6 Metrics of High-Performing Teams.

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