Helping Families Thrive When Business is Personal 

 January 12, 2021

Family Enterprise Xchange

Family Enterprise Xchange: Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast Episode #18

Helping Families Thrive When Business is Personal

Ruth Steverlynck sits down with author and advisor to business families, Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, to discuss her recently released book, In the Company of Family: How To Thrive When Business is Personal.

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January 12, 2021

Family Enterprise Xchange: Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast

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Melissa Mitchell-Blitch

About the author

A former CPA, my career started at a Big 5 accounting firm. As part of the Family Wealth Planning group, I saw the challenges of family business and family wealth. The cons often overshadowed the enjoyment of working with family. I was convinced there had to be a better way, but could not find anyone who could help navigate the intersection of family, business, and wealth. Determined, I left my career in finance and earned a Masters in Psychology.In the almost two decades since, I have learned how families can thrive -- even when business is personal. Let me help you, your family, and its business thrive.

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