Man, that bugs me! 

"Sorry, I thought we were scheduled for next week," the text read. "I'm not feeling well. Can you come back in a few hours?"

It was already 30 minutes into our appointment -- a meeting I'd structured my entire day around. After giving the decision some thought, I replied, "I'll see you next week. Take good care. I hope you feel better soon."

An hour later I was still irritated by the disruption to my schedule -- and even more irritated that I was still irritated!

I asked myself: Why is this bugging me so much?

The answer was clear immediately. "Wasted time" is a huge trigger for me. This type of inconvenience bothers me far more than it does most people? Why? Because it's hard-wired for my personality type.

Recalling this helped me stopped judging my irritation and be compassionate with myself. I started actively coping -- instead of trying to distract myself from the frustration -- and the irritation started to fade.

Personality assessments illicit a hot /cold response. Some love them: "Tell me all the great things about my type!" Some think they're a waste of time. "Don't try to put me in a box!"

I understand the reservations. I was a skeptic myself. That's why I like the 5 Voices.

Personality tools can help us understand ourselves and others -- strengths, challenges, triggers, stress responses -- in objective, non-judgmental ways. This can enhance our emotional intelligence (self-awareness and self-management) as well as our relational intelligence (other-awareness / understanding others and relationship management).

With the 5 Voices, we consider not only what is your "Foundational Voice" but also your Voice order -- the degree to which you can access all 5 Voices.

Voice order really matters. Someone whose Voice order starts: Guardian Pioneer Nurturer, for example, has notable differences to someone else, whose Voice order starts: Guardian Connector Pioneer.

We are influenced by nature (our "hard-wiring," which is with us from birth), nurture (the influence of others), and choice (our lifelong ability to learn and grow).

We all have a personality. We are all unique. No one belongs in a box. When used as a tool -- not an assumption -- personality frameworks can help us better understand, appreciate, and have effective relationships with people different from us.

Over the next few posts, I'll introduce you to the 5 Voices. Even if you're a personality skeptic, like I was, I encourage you to read and consider how this framework might help you know yourself and understand others better.

Why wait?

Want to discover your Voice?

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