Change is hard.

And for good reason…

Your current habits are well established!

MindSHIFT helps “rewire” your brain so new behaviors stick and create growth that lasts.

MindSHIFT mindset reset

The MindSHIFT Journey has 5 Phases:

Phase 1: Define the Stretch

  • How do you most want to grow? What one change would most enhance your leader effectiveness and business performance? We call this your One Big Thing.
  • Identify your compelling vision for personal growth and discover what current behaviors are getting in your way

Phase 2: Map Your Mindset

  • Mindset is a set of beliefs about how the world works and how you need to show up. It is your “inner game.”
  • Efforts to change your behaviors (“outer game”) won’t stick if you don’t have an inner game that supports them.
  • Capture your inner game on your Mindset Map -- a powerful reminder of what will seek to undermine your growth.

Phase 3: Grow Awareness

  • Grow your ability to catch self-defeating habits as they are happening.
  • Discover the impact of the inner game, which drives your outer game and determines your “end game” -- things like relationship health, leader effectiveness, and business performance.

Phase 4: Challenge Limits

  • Design and run experiments to disrupt old habits and create new practices that support your One Big Thing.
  • Build the mental muscle to:
    • Stop behaviors that limit performance.
    • Challenge your old mindset.
    • Choose to act in greater alignment with what you want to achieve and who you want to be.

Phase 5: Create New Habits

  • Reinforce your learning and development to sustain new habits.
  • Design practices to ensure your growth continues, even after the MindSHIFT Journey is complete.

MindSHIFT does what it says, it shifts your mind for the better and potentially forever.

Grant C., vancouver bc

MindSHIFT does what it says, it shifts your mind for the better and potentially forever.

I had many limiting beliefs that I was oblivious to before going through the process. Melissa’s patient approach and intuitive questions guided me through the steps to help uncover my limiting beliefs and self-protective strategies. Whilst this was very powerful, the real magic lays in challenging those previously held beliefs. This allows me to understand when those beliefs are working for me and against me, and helps me “shift my mindset” through the process.

As with anything worthwhile, it takes time and hard work. However, the outcome was way more impactful on my life than I ever imagined.