Are You a Multiplying Leader? 

leadership outcomes
leadership outcomes

Leaders worth following know how to multiply what they know -- by teaching it to others.

In the workplace, people tend to be promoted to positions of leadership because they have performed their job well. Their successful work experiences can add value to those they lead.

However, the skills needed to lead others well are different than the skills needed to perform most jobs. A lack of leadership skills – in someone who holds the responsibility and title of leader -- can subtract value from working relationships and the company itself.

Ineffective leaders can divide. Poor leadership and company culture (which leaders create) are among the top reasons why good employees quit.

Great leaders are healthy and know how to multiply what they know to others. They help those whom they lead to build job skills, self-leadership, and the relational skills needed to work well with team members. Great leaders know how to help others grow in skill and wisdom. They can teach others what they know and how they think. This also applies to leadership at home and in the community.

There’s a big difference between adding value and multiplying value. Watch your Inbox for more tools to gauge leader health and skill at developing others ... in the workplace, home, and community.

Question: Which category of impact on others – addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication – do you most often have … at the office? … at home? … in your community involvement?

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