In our tour of the 5 Voices framework for understanding personality, first up is Nurturer.

I start with Nurture because:

  • They are the most common Voice.
  • Almost half (43%) of the population has the foundational Voice of Nurturer.
  • While most are women, many men are first-Voice Nurturer. (Does this surprise you?)

Key characteristics of the Nurturer Voice:

  • Champions of people, relational harmony, and values
  • The relational "oil" that keeps relationships running smoothly -- their attentiveness to others can help soothe sparks of conflict in families and teams (What an important role!)
  • Delight in the achievements of others
  • Can be resistant to change and avoid conflict, with passive-aggressive tendencies

Common stress triggers:

  • Feeling taken for granted or not heard
  • Feeling values are being ignored
  • People they care about being treated unfairly

Want to empower the Nurturers in your life?

  • Let them speak first in group discussions and decision-making.
  • Affirm their competence and the value of their contribution. (Don't worry, they won't get a big head!)

Consider this:

  • How much do you relate to the Nurturer Voice?
  • Rate it high/medium/low and keep track of your responses to each Voice. This will help you determine your Voice Order -- the relative strength with which you use each Voice.

Why wait?

Want to discover your Voice?

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