How much of your time do you spend doing what's truly important?

 If you're like most people -- it's not as much as you wish.

 It's easy to get distracted by the tyranny of the urgent -- both things that are truly urgent and things that only seem so at the moment.

 The X factor can help you identify what your time, energy, and resources are going to -- and help you start to allocate them to what matters most.

 Learn more in this video:

Consider this:

  • Review your to-do list:
    • What items have high importance (meaningful) and high urgency (time sensitive)? Put those "fires" out.
    • What items have high importance and are not yet urgent? Make a plan to address those before they become the next "fire." Be proactive. Spend more of your time in this quadrant.
    • What has low importance (for your skill and time) and low urgency? Delegate these to someone better suited to handle these.
  • What types of things steal your attention -- create a sense of urgency but aren't important? Reduce your exposure to those, so you can focus more on what is truly important.

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